Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's all about BALANCE

I often tease everyone I know about this fact...And anyone who has met met for even a few minutes is WELL aware that I am a libra..And in true libra form I preach balance,balance, BALANCE. But it wasn't until recently that I really began to understand what that meant, and even less time that I started incorporating it into all areas of my life....or at least attempting..When it comes to fitness balance is key...Maybe that is why I was drawn to it??When I say balance is key I mean you must find a balance between physical activity and your diet....You must find a balance between your physical activity...All components are necessary for living a healthy life and being your best YOU...That means incorporating cardio, resistance training, and some sort of stretching/flexibility routine into your regimen.I wasn't always aware of this nor did I practice it...I hate stretching..I used to think it "took too much time." And even more than hating stretching I HATED cardio..It was boring and redundant..I will admit it..I could lift weights allllllll day..I love it..I don't know if it is because for a long time I felt I could only see benefits from this activity??Whatever it was I always gravitated more towards it and would only participate in the other activities every now and then.But these days I attempt to do all three...Resistance can be broken down into the balance of training your muscles even further...To avoid muscle imbalances it is important to train opposing muscles EQUALLY..Meaning if you train your chest you must balance it out with back exercises...If you train your biceps you must balance it out with your triceps...And so on...Finally all of the pieces are coming together and things are making sense...It is an amazing feeling.............

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